Risk analysis of a computer-based artwork by the artistgroup monochrom

Diploma Thesis (in German), 2020

The following diploma thesis is a methodical approach to the documentation and preservation strategy of electronic and computer-based artworks. The research is based on a case study of the artwork The Altogether Horrid Street Ballad Of Paratii (2012) by the artist group monochrom. Within the examination, the artwork was examined, documented, conservation strategies were developed, and necessary conservation measures were taken.
The identification of the electronic components, as well as the functionality of the complex interactions of the numerous interlinked components have been recorded in a circuit diagram. A system image backup of the Hard Disc Drive was carried out, utilising the current forensic tools.
Using the case study as an example, the components have been subjected to a risk assessment. The calculations were carried out based on raw data, collected during the project, provided by a questionnaire survey of several experts and applicable product data sheets. Information, derived from an artist interview, was used for carrying out an evaluation
of the artwork’s determinative properties, resulting in a statement of significance.
The gained knowledge was merged into preservation strategies consisting of a multi-stage approach, which should be flexibly adapted to the condition of the artwork. The primary conservation measures were carried out throughout the duration of the project and preventive measures for potential future preservation strategies were outlined. In the event of a total failure of electronic or mechanical components an alternative presentation form was drafted.
Last but not least, recommendations for handling, packaging, archiving and transportation
were developed.